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School Uniform

School uniform

Children are expected to wear:

  • Navy blue sweaters or sweatshirts (not hoodies), preferably with the school logo
  • White polo shirts
  • Grey or black trousers/leggings
  • Grey or black skirts with grey, black or blue tights
  • Black shoes or black trainers
  • Blue hijabs


School jumpers can be purchased from SH Clothing Company (98 St. John's Lane, Bedminster).  All other items are readily available from clothes shops, including supermarkets.

Please clearly label all clothing either with a name tag or by writing your child’s name in permanent pen on the manufacturer’s tag.  This ensures that we can return all lost property to your child.
Children are allowed to wear one small stud in each ear. No other form of jewellery, including necklaces or rings, should be worn in school.  Make up and nail varnish are not permitted.


For PE sessions, children are expected to wear:

  • Plain PE shorts* and a plain white t-shirt, preferably with the school logo
  • Trainers and socks with good grip suitable for outdoor PE sessions
  • An additional sweatshirt and/or jogging bottoms to wear outdoors, depending on the weather.


All children should bring a change of footwear for outdoor sessions.  During indoor PE sessions, children will normally have bare feet.


PE kits should be held in a drawstring bag or small rucksack which can hang on your child’s coat peg and should be clearly marked with their name.


*Shorts worn for PE should be an appropriate length. This is defined as a mid-length short with a hem between the mid-thigh and the knee. Hot pants (and similar designs of shorts with a very short leg length) are inappropriate for school.