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Friday 1st March 2024

Victoria Park Primary School is now on Instagram! To follow us, you will need the Instagram App on your phone, tablet or computer. We are "VPPSBristol".
To kick things off on our new account, we will be posting pictures which make us Proud to be Victoria Park Primary School. We already have lots of wonderful photographs posted. This will be the place where we celebrate the fantastic things going on around schoo; we will no longer be using Twitter. (Why the change to Instagram? When Twitter became X, a lot of things changed behind the scenes at X, including our ability to have multiple users and to show posts on our school website.)

Since emailing the details out on Monday we have over 100 hundred followers (but would like more)!

Rocksteady Music

On Thursday morning, we were visited by Jamie from Rocksteady Music who talked to the children about the various instruments in a Rock Band! His guitar playing was amazing - you might have seen a video on our Instagram. A little later in the day, pupils took part in a workshop, and some lucky individuals were selected to play the instruments. Your child should have brought home a letter about the workshops, and about how they can take part in Rocksteady music lessons starting in school after Easter. In case you missed the letter, you can click on the document below.

Here are some photographs of the children taking part in the Rocksteady workshops.

Year 3 Science

Pupils in Year 3 were treated to a Science lesson from a secondary school teacher this week. They learned about magnets and forces with practical experiments and demonstrations. Thank you to Aylin for coming to join us for the afternoon! We know the children loved your lesson and the resources you could bring with you. About the children, Aylin said "it was a pleasure to work with the year 3 classes, teaching about magnets to enrich the work they did on forces earlier this year. They seemed to really enjoy the demonstrations and the experiments, learning about magnetic fields and how to make a mini compass from a paper clip! I loved their curiosity and enthusiasm!"

School Council Visit

On Wednesday our KS2 school council reps were invited to Ashton Park Secondary School. The children had a tour of the school from 3 members of their school council. They were able to ask lots of questions about secondary school and school council and really enjoyed their visit.  All the reps showed our school values throughout the visit  and we are so proud of them for representing our school so well.

Parents' Evening Dates

Here is advance notice that we will be holding our Term 4 parents' evenings on Wednesday 20th March and Thursday 21st March 2024. Please save the dates for now, and look out for a letter from the office in the near future about booking your parents' evening meeting. (This parents evening is for children in years 1 to 6 but not Reception classes, who have had their meetings already.)

Wraparound Care Survey

Please help Bristol City Council to understand the local need for breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs by completing this survey. The Department for Education has recently released new guidance on their plans to expand wraparound childcare (breakfast clubs and after school clubs) in Primary Schools. Every school and educational setting in Bristol has been sent a series of surveys to determine the need for wraparound care. You can help by completing this survey about your childcare needs. Your responses may help unlock additional funding for school settings. This survey is open until Friday 8th March 2024. Responses are anonymous.

Green Team lessons

Our Eco Warriors have been busy across the school delivering a lesson to their classmates about how we are working on sustainability at Victoria Park Primary School. They talked about recycling in school, plastic-free lunchboxes, driving less, our pen hospitals, saving energy and thinking of ways to make our school even more environmentally friendly. Well done Eco Warriors on your curiosity when creating the lessons, and your determination and respect to help our planet!

A Green "Did You Know...?"

You can now recycle your coffee packets and large teabag packs for free. Yorkshire Tea and Taylors have joined forces with Terracycle to help you recycle any brand of flexible coffee packets and large teabag packaging for free. Click here for more details.

Spring is springing at Victoria Park Primary School! The Green Team spotted some frogspawn in the school pond this week. We look forward to watching the tadpoles as they hatch and grow. We hope you have a lovely weekend!