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Friday 10th February 2023

This week in our assemblies, pupils have talked about Safer Internet Day. On Monday, pupils explored how useful the internet can be, especially if we have a sense of curiosity. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, pupils discussed how to stay safe online. There is lots of online safety advice for parents and carers on our school website:

Curriculum Newsletters

Each term we provide a Curriculum Newsletter per year group. These are written by the teachers and give an overview of the learning that will be taking place each term in your child's class. Here are all the curriculum newsletters for next term.

Safeguarding Spotlight - Who are Young Carers?

Young carers are children and young people who look after someone in their family who has a disability, a long term illness, or is affected by mental ill health or substance misuse.

Young carers may look after parents, care for a brother or sister, or another family member. The average age of a young carer is 12 and they take on responsibilities normally only expected of an adult.

What type of care do young carers provide?

  • shopping
  • cleaning
  • washing & ironing
  • cooking
  • washing up
  • helping to look after siblings
  • taking care of pets
  • gardening
  • managing bills/money
  • helping with medication
  • fetching/carrying
  • support with dressing
  • helping to go to toilet
  • help with washing
  • organising appointments
  • emotional support
  • interpreting or signing
  • keeping company
  • support with eating

Young carers are known to face a variety of issues including:

  • bullying
  • having no support due to being a ‘hidden’ young carer
  • lack of understanding due to lack of awareness from peers and professionals
  • educational disadvantages such as attendance and attainment issues
  • mental and physical health problems due to caring role
  • providing inappropriate care
  • not having access to ‘normal’ childhood experiences
  • being tired and appearing withdrawn
  • lacking confidence
  • feeling worried, stressed or angry
  • isolation and loneliness

Some background stats on young carers:

According to the 2011 census, there are 1,384 young carers (children aged 5 -15) in Bristol and South Glos and 16,118 unpaid carers aged 5 to 17 years old in the South West.

If you think your child could be a Young Carer please speak to Mr Brice who is the Young Carer Lead for the school. You may also find this website helpful:

VPAG Star Party

Mon 27th or Tues 28th February

As a national Urban Dark Sky Site, Victoria Park is hosting some astronomical activities on either Mon 27th or Tues 28th February - depending on the weather - when the Moon, planets and stars are convenient for viewing in the night sky. Bristol Astronomical Society will bring some telescopes into the park whilst Explorer Dome runs star shows in their inflatable planetarium in the church on Windmill Hill. As numbers are limited, please contact VPAG via if you are interested and you will be sent more details.

Other Information

  • For information about Play Streets on behalf of Playing Out, click the document below.
  • See the flyer from Love Productions below about Junior Bake Off. They are looking for young budding bakers between 9-12 years old. Filming would take place from July 2023, but our applications close on Sunday 12th March 2023. Interested bakers can apply online at -

We thought we could end this week's newsletter with a look back at last Saturday's Bedminster Lantern Parade. It was lovely to see so many of you there! Have a lovely weekend.