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Communication Guide

This guide explains the ways we will communicate with you, how you can communicate with us, and the appropriate staff members to contact.


How we will communicate with you

Weekly School Newsletter


Text Message

Paper Letter

  • Celebrations of learning
  • Upcoming events
  • Sharing photographs
  • Community Events
  • Information specific to each year group
  • First Aid notifications
  • Individual emails from the pastoral team
  • Urgent changes (such as the cancellation of a club)
  • When a written response is needed (such as a school trip reply slip)


 Additionally, we may telephone you individually in specific cases, such as medical incidents, pastoral support or to share positive news.

 In EYFS only, we will share learning and videos using Tapestry Online Learning Journal. (This does not continue into Year 1.)

 We will not use WhatsApp for any school communications. If there is a WhatsApp group for your class or year group, this has been set up by parents/carers and does not contain information provided by the school.

How you can communicate with us

Speak to us


0117 9030343


  • Class teachers are available at the end of the day
  • Quick messages can be left with staff at the start of the day
  • SLT and Pastoral Team are always available on the playground at the beginning and end of the day
  • To report a pupil absence (you can leave a message)
  • If pick-up arrangements for that day have changed (please call before 2:30pm)
  • To request further information
  • To request a longer conversation with a class teacher
  • To inform us of a planned absence with a Leave Request form



Who to contact?

  • Everyone in school has different roles and responsibilities.
  • You should always try to speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance - they know your child best. Class teachers dismiss the children at the end of each day and are available to talk with you.
  • If you need a longer or more private conversation with your child’s teacher, please speak to them so this can be arranged.
  • We may refer you to a different member of staff if necessary.


Class Teacher

School Office

Miss Laura Mullen

  • Your first point of contact
  • General enquiries
  • Admissions
  • School meals
  • Finance
  • Attendance
  • Safeguarding
  • Behaviour

Miss Chantelle Stirzaker

Mr Ed Gunner

Mr Nic Bailey

  • SEND
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Staff conduct


We will always try to get back to you quickly. If your email requires a written reply, we aim to respond within 5 working days. If you are raising a complaint, the timescales differ in accordance with our Complaints Policy.