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Your Enquiry Project!

It's your time to choose!

For the last two weeks of term, it is your chance to research an Enquiry topic of your choice, and make a mini project. This could be a topic that we have looked at in year 5 and you would like to learn more about. For example, Space, Brazil or life cycles. Or you could choose to research a new topic that you would like to know more about. Here are some examples to help you:

- How your favourite food or drink is found/made/produced.

- History of your favourite sport.

- Research a town or city you have visited. How is it similar or different to Bristol?

- Research a different country you have heard of or visited. How is it similar or different to Bristol?

You could either focus on one larger project, or make a few smaller ones. 

We would love to see and share your mini projects, so don't forget to send them to us at