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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 - Acer and Lime Class

Term 5


This term’s Literacy involved learning the skills needed to create an explanation text. The children read an explanation text about how the digestive system works which linked well with our enquiry topic; “What would happen if an animal’s teeth fell out?” We then spent time understanding the key parts of the water cycle which the children then wrote fantastic explanation texts about.

For the rest of the term, we based our Literacy on a book written by Michael Morpurgo called ‘This Morning I met a Whale’. The story is set by the river Thames so, as a stimulus, we walked to the River Avon by the Banana Bridge to see what we could see, hear and feel in this setting. This was a great inspiration for the children’s writing and they created some super setting descriptions within their own stories.


Year 4’s enquiry topic this term was ‘What would happen if an animal’s teeth fell out?’ Children studied how teeth vary from animal to animal and how their diets differ. Year 4 also developed their scientific skills with the ‘egg experiment’. Here they immersed 6 different eggs in a variety of different liquids and observed the level of corrosion over a week long period. They were amazed by the damage done by the orange juice, squash and coke. Fortunately, they learnt some top tips for how to keep their teeth healthy after drinking sugary drinks.


Year 4 have been studying measure this term and have developed their understanding of how we measure mass (weight), capacity and distance. A particular highlight was when they made their own ginger nut biscuits. Working in small groups, they carefully weighed the ingredients, mixed them together and formed biscuits ready for them to be baked.

Term 4:


The children have really enjoyed learning about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ this term in Literacy. They were ecstatic to find golden tickets in the playground which they subsequently wrote about in their newspaper reports. The children loved getting creative and writing their own chapter for the book.

World Book Day

As our Cadbury World trip was postponed, the children loved participating in the much-loved World Book Day this year. We loved working with Liz the story teller to create our very own quest story.  The children dressed up as some of their favourite literary characters and looked fantastic!


Year 4’s enquiry topic this term was ‘What makes a good chocolate bar?’ Children started their investigation with a trip to Cadbury World where they got a better understanding of where chocolate comes from and the chocolate-making process (as well as trying a few chocolate treats along the way).

We have investigated how properties can change state and are looking forward to putting this theory into practise by creating our own chocolate bars at the start of next term.  We have tasted a range of ingredients and will now design our own chocolate wrapper designs before creating the final product. 

Science Day

Year 4 spent the day investigating how liquids can change states. Acer class learned how to change double cream into butter and Lime class learned how to make ice cream from milkshake. The children then explained their learning to their partner class so that they could complete their initial investigation. Year 4 loved these experiments and observed the changes carefully.

Term 3:

Trumpet and Trombone lessons have been a particular highlight of this term! Year 4 are very fortunate to have a weekly music lesson with Mr Ford where half of each class are learning to play the trumpet and the other half are learning how to play the trombone. So far the children have learnt to play 3 notes and they sound fantastic! What a band!

The children have really enjoyed our Literacy lessons this term which have been based on the Greek myth; Theseus and the Minotaur.  Children enjoyed creating ‘freeze frames’ of different parts of the story to explore how the main characters would have felt.  Our work culminated in the children writing their own Greek Myth, using Theseus and the Minotaur as a stimulus.

Children have also explored the different features of Newspaper Reports and have just finished writing their own reports linked to the myth of Icarus, the boy who flew too high. We definitely have some budding reporters in Year 4 this year!

This term’s enquiry topic was ‘What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?’ The children participated in their very own Ancient Greek Olympics; this included various events such as tug of war, long jump and javelin. The children loved celebrating their successes and the winners were awarded a traditional Greek wreath.

During our enquiry lessons, the children particularly enjoyed learning about Greek soldiers.  The pictures below show Lime class in action as Hoplite soldiers. The children’s challenge for this enquiry was to use Movie Maker to create their own movies to answer our enquiry question. The end results were very impressive!

Play In A Week!

Year 3 and 4 are really looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Travelling Light Theatre Company again during the final week of Term 4. There is an 'Eco' theme this year which fits in nicely with Year 4’s enquiry topic about the Amazon Rainforest and Year 3’s enquiry about Rocks.  We have already presented our ideas for the play to Mike, the scriptwriter! We can’t wait to see what he creates with all of the children’s ideas and are really looking forward to the performances on Friday 23rd March.

Term 2


To start our enquiry, ‘What impact did the slave trade have on Bristol?’, the children took part in an Imagineering session to experience the journey that a slave may have taken. The children demonstrated brilliant empathy and maturity during this session, which set the scene for the lessons that followed. As part of our enquiry, Year 4 visited Bristol Cathedral at the start of term to learn about the Cathedral’s links to the slave trade.  We also attended an interesting workshop that taught children about the triangular trade route. Towards the end of our enquiry, children discussed whether the Colston Hall should be renamed based on what they had learned.  This was an interesting P4C discussion that really divided opinions within both classes.  Our challenge for this enquiry was to create our own PowerPoint presentations to answer our question.  We really enjoyed presenting our learning to Year 5!


The children have produced some fantastic writing this term!  Through studying our Harewell Hall text and ‘The Village that Vanished’, children learned how to create tension and suspense in their writing. Their final stories were exciting and gripping to read.


For community day, Acer class enjoyed helping to lay mulch on the paths of the new Malago Edible Berry Maze. Lime class visited Redcliffe Children’s Centre to help the children with their learning. A great day was had by all!

The children have really enjoyed learning how to play the Ukulele this term.  The rest of the school were really impressed when they played two festive songs in assembly. Thank you to Mr Reed for teaching us all of our new skills!

Year 4 children worked hard this term to create superb lanterns to showcase at the Bedminster Lantern Parade.  Every child showed great creativity and co-operation when working with Alan for two days prior to the event.  Thank you to all of the children and families that came to join in with the parade; it was a spectacular community event!

Start of Year Information about Year 4

Term 1 

What a great start to the year we have had in Year 4! We have really enjoyed learning all about the Amazon Rainforest and Leigh Woods during our enquiry and literacy lessons. During one lesson, children enjoyed transforming their classroom into the Amazon Rainforest. We were impressed by their imagination and creativity, which helped to inspire their writing. Other lessons have included exploring Victoria Park for wildlife and children comparing their own lives to that of someone from an Amazonian tribe.

A highlight of the term was our trip to Leigh Woods where children explored the purple trail to help them answer our enquiry question: ‘How are Leigh Woods and the Amazon Rainforest similar?’ Children observed a variety of different plant, tree and animal life, as well as investigating how humans used this outdoor space. During the afternoon, children enjoyed working together to build their own dens.

We were very fortunate to have a visit from Olivia’s stepdad, who has first-hand experience of the Amazon Rainforest. The children were enthralled by his many interesting facts, stories and photographs.  They particularly enjoyed learning about how his photography skills inspired others to create art from them.

During Art week, children took part in many creative activities. Some of the activities included creating abstract sculptures out of clay, using charcoal to draw their own self-portraits and using intricate detail to draw a human eye.

The children also enjoyed learning about World Food Day. Children learned about where food comes from and seasonality and some of the global issues we face in regards to food and hunger. Children were also taken out in small groups to cook a seasonal dish; with Lime class cooking a soup and Acer class preparing red cabbage slaw.