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Year 3

Dearest Year 3,

Hello from Mr Irwin, Miss Datta, Mr Stinchcombe, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Casling.

We've made it to week 5 and we continue to be impressed by your engagement and determination. Looking forward to seeing your work this week. 


We will be setting work on both Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars and Readiwriter (the new spellodrome). If you need your passwords, please email us at

Please use the email above to send us a picture/scan/video per day. We will put an icon next to the work we would like you to send us so we can see how you’re getting on.


All the best,

The Year 3 Team



Here is the icon to look out for. These are the pieces of work we would like you to send us!

Week beginning: Monday 1st February

Hello everyone


What a treat to be able to catch up with you all last week and to see some of your faces on our Zoom calls. It was great to know that you are all doing brilliantly, and we have been very impressed with your efforts and determination with your learning at home.

Can't wait to catch up again over the course of the week. 


Mr Irwin, Miss Datta, Mr Stinchcombe, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Casling

Week beginning: Monday 25th January

Happy week 4 everyone. Thank you for continuing to be fantastic. 

New things this week:

You will hear from us about zoom calls.

We have added a spelling section. We haven't put it in daily but try to include a bit during the week.


Week beginning: Monday 18th January

Hi Everyone,


Well done for doing so well with your home learning. We really appreciate the work that you have been putting in. Obviously we're biased, but we think year 3 are actually doing the best in the school from what we can see!

Week beginning: Monday 11th January


Week beginning: Monday 4th January