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Year 3

  Dearest Year 3s   

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! Well done to everyone who completed their home learning again last week and thank you to those of you who emailed your work to us. This is the last week of school before the summer holidays so we hope you have a brilliant week!


You can now watch the video that your Year 4 teacher has made for you by clicking on the link below. Cedar class, Mr Mepsted will be your new teacher in September and Oak class, Miss Bunnett will be your new teacher.  Both teachers are staying in the classrooms they were in last year.


Whilst you watch the videos, listen out for a task that the Year 4 teachers have asked you to complete over the summer!


The reading tasks this week can also be continued over the summer holidays.  Also, if you would like to practise your key maths skills over the summer, White Rose Maths have produced free workbooks for the summer holidays for the main maths topics in each year group. Click on the link below and then Year 3 to find them:


Keep sharing the work you have done via our year 3 email address:


Thank you Year 3, we have loved working with you all this year. We hope you have a great summer and we very much look forward to seeing you all back at school in September! 

Miss Datta, Mr Irwin and Mrs Alway smiley


Term 6 Week 7

(13.07.20 - 17.07.20)


Term 6 Week 6

(06.07.20 - 10.07.20)


Term 6 Week 5 

(29.06.20 - 03.07.20)


The Creepers

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Hello from the people in school at the moment!


Term 6 

Week 4 (22.06.20 - 26.06.20)


Term 6 

Week 3 

15.06.20 - 19.06.20

In school, we visited the outdoor classroom to look closely at the plants. We took some close-up photos of the things we found. We also saw lots of ladybird larvae! One was even hatching in front of our eyes! Take a look at the slideshow below. Maybe you could have a go at home, at the park or in the garden. Get the camera as close to the plant as you can, making sure you can see it clearly. Don't be tempted to use the zoom as this makes it lower quality. Send us the results via the email! Can't wait to see them!

Term 6

Week 2 08/06/20-12/06/20

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

The Race 2

By Erl & Rudy

Tom's flint knapping fun

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Freddie gets wound up...

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Term 6

Week 1 1/06/20 - 5/06/20

Other subjects for Term 6

Term 5 Week 5 18/05/20-22/05/20

Photos from this week and last

Term 5 Week 4 11/05/20-16/05/20

A performance poem from Menna

Term 5 Week 3 04/05/20-10/05/20

Margot's Stone Age Camp

Still image for this video

Amelie's amazing invention!

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Super Stone Age camp!

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Term 5 Week 2 27/04/20-01/05/20

Photos of home learning this week

Home Learning Gallery Term 5 Week 2

Emily's magical unicorn poem

Emily's rhyming couplet poem called "magical unicorn"

Dotty's couplets

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Fabulous rhyming!

Fleur's Cat Poem

Still image for this video
Super couplets here!

Isaac's Rhyming Couplet Poem

Still image for this video
Excellent performance here!

Home Learning Gallery Term 5 Week 1

Scroll down to the bottom of our page for last term's amazing pictures and some of your awesome puppet shows! We are really happy to add more but please make sure they are fairly small files when you send them! Thank you!

We have LOVED all your brilliant Rube Goldberg inventions for our Year 3 Easter Challenge - if you want to have a go, the challenge is below!

Oli's exploding sticks!

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Menna's most magnificent machine!

Still image for this video

Ayden's Amazing Rube Goldberg Invention!

Still image for this video

Dottie's Rube Goldberg Easter Challenge!

Still image for this video

Esther's brilliant domino rally!

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Term 5 Week 1 20/04/20-25/04/20
Holiday message from Miss Datta

Wild and wicked!

If you're missing Springwatch, you can still tune into Chris Packham's Daily Nature Livestreams on Youtube (with your parents' permission of course) and see what is happening with amazing wildlife across Britain and the world this Spring!

Learn how to identify bird calls, and see which animal babies are hatching and emerging on our wonderful planet!

Need a different kind of challenge?

The Scout Association have come up with some brilliant projects as part of 'The Great Indoors' to keep you busy. Have a look here and let us know what you try out!

Get Your Easter Bake On!

Here are some great Easter recipes to try at home!

Easter nests - yum!


Hot cross buns - eggstraordinarily tasty!


Find out some ideas about the origins of Hot Cross Buns - look at the resources on our RE page.

Home Learning Gallery Term 4 Week 6

Scroll down below the gallery to watch some of your amazing puppet shows! We are really happy to add more but please make sure they are fairly small files when you send them! Thank you!

Ayden's Astronauts!

Super Starr 1!

Super Starr 2!

The Wild of Nature!

Year 3 Home Learning Gallery Term 4 Week 5

Max has been looking at the positives of being at home...

Term 4 Week 6 learning - 30/4/2020

Please try and do a bit of Reading, Maths, Literacy and Spelling each day then choose a range of other subjects to keep your learning interesting across the week. Have a look in all the subject folders for ideas and resources to help you. Enquiry this week is still about Light and Shadow and we have also added some extra Maths and Literacy as lots of you have been asking for more! Keep up the super learning Year 3!