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Year 2

Term 5


Term 5 has been another busy term in Year 2. The children began the term by practising for the ‘Rehearse a Verse’ sponsored event. A lot of hard work went into this and it was lovely to share all of our poems with the Year 4 classes. As well as this, we have enjoyed growing our own runner beans in various different conditions as part of our ongoing enquiry. It has been fascinating to observe and record the differences between the plants that have grown. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a Steel Pan Band during one of our music lessons and the children loved singing and dancing along to some of the music as well as learning about the origins of this genre.


In literacy, the children have written letters to our penguin pen pal, Rocky the penguin, in order to help us find out more about penguins and their young.  We created some wonderful factual posters showing everything we have learnt about the different species of penguin. We also used ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker to help us write our own narratives about a girl who goes on a journey to a new land.


In numeracy, the children have shown great determination as we have prepared for our SATs. We focussed on using and applying our written methods for the four operations in a range of different contexts. We have worked collaboratively to test a number of conjectures about number such as why different numbers between 1 and 50 have different numbers of division facts for them.


A huge well done to all of the children for another successful term. They all approached their SATs in such a calm and mature manner and we are very proud of them all.

Term 4


Term 4 really has flown by! There have been countless highlights which have included an unforgettable World Book Day, our first snow day for years, the KS1 dance festival, visits from the zoo, Farmlink and the fire brigade, the inaugural Cathedral Schools Trust concert, Science Day, Sport Relief 2018 and more. The most amazing part is that we've managed to fit all of this into just 5 weeks! 


The children's determination to keep going and represent the school to the best of their ability has been fantastic and we are extremely proud of them. With all this enrichment going on, we have still been doing some excellent learning in literacy, numeracy and our enquiry too. In Literacy, we have used Emily Hughes's beautifully illustrated 'Wild' to write diary entries and setting descriptions and Julia Donaldson's 'Superworm' to create adverts, character descriptions and our very own superhero stories! 


In numeracy, we have worked on a range of skills which have included a good deal of problem solving such as telling the time to the nearest five minutes, solving word problems and interpreting block diagrams, tally charts and pictograms to find information out relating to our current enquiry on people, penguins and plants. 


Next term, we will be moving back to non-fiction writing in Literacy and using our visit from the zoo to inspire some report writing. In Maths, we will continue to use and apply the core skills of place value and the four operations in real world problems whilst also practicing our written methods for the four operations by refreshing our work with number lines and arrays.


We hope you have a wonderful break! 

Term 3


It’s been another busy term in Year 2! The children enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London in this term’s enquiry. We built 17th century houses, read Samuel Pepys’ diary and painted fires using different mediums, as well as having a debate about whose fault the fire was. The Great Fire of London also featured as the subject for Spruce’s Class Assembly.


In Literacy, we used everything we were learning about The Great Fire to write a narrative set at the time of the fire. To help us with this, we used Fire Cat by Pippa Goodhart as our inspiration and learnt her story before writing our own. We also did some non-fiction writing this term in the form of a non-chronological report about The Great Fire.


In Numeracy, we have covered a number of areas including fractions, measure and statistics. In our work on fractions, we used concrete resources such as the fraction apples and double sided counters to find fractions of shapes, objects and numbers. We used practical resources to explore different forms of measure including length, mass and capacity and explored the language of estimation, grams and kilograms, centimetres and metres, litres and millilitres. We used tables and block diagrams giving information about The Great Fire of London to practise reading and interpreting statistics.


As well as working hard in our core subjects, we have also been working hard with our dance routines for the Year 2 dance festival, exploring language and art on French and Art day, preparing for the talent show and discussing being safe online, differences in PSHE and other important issues through our Philosophy for Children curriculum.

Term 2


Term 2 is always an exceptionally busy term for all of Year 2. From Christmas Plays to homework projects and Community Day, we have done it all!


The children an now confidently answer our Enquiry question: ‘How do computers know what to do?’ We began our journey with blindfolded ‘human computers’ being programmed to navigate a maze. With the help of a visit from Knowle West Media Centre, the children learnt how to use blocks of code to programme and debug.

In Maths we learnt new vocabulary relating to shape including vertices, edges, right angles, parallel and quadrilateral and have been explaining and sorting different shapes depending on their properties. As well as this, we spent time thinking about maths in the real world and tackling word problems using our written methods for calculation.


In Literacy, we used Leo Landry’s Spaceboy as our primary text for this term to write diaries, instructions, setting descriptions and we even went on a journey to space in the Middle Hall!


The highlight of the term, however, has to have been the brilliant KS1 Nativity. The children worked tirelessly to put on four fantastic performances with confident acting, articulate speaking and tuneful singing. Well done!


We hope you all enjoy a wonderful and well-deserved Christmas break!

Term 1

What a fantastic start we have had to the year! The children have worked extremely hard and had some great experiences already.


For our Enquiry "Why do Bristolians Love Brunel?", we have been thinking about the impact that the great engineer and inventor has had on the people of Bristol over time. We became budding engineers ourselves for an afternoon and took on the challenge of creating towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We also visited his most iconic landmark, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and thought about the impact it would have had people now and in the past. We sketched figures from the Industrial Revolution, drew portraits of Brunel, learnt poems, wrote letters and more!


In Literacy, we used Brunel as inspiration to design our own robots and wrote stories about the trials and tribulations of being an inventor. We also wrote funny explanations about how the famous S.S. Great Britain moved. Apparently, it relied on hamsters in wheels driving two huge legs which ran along the seabed! 


In Numeracy, we focused our attention on place value and efficient written methods for addition and subtraction. As part of this, we worked hard to improve our fluency at adding and subtracting 10, 1 and multiples of 10 to any number. We worked on patterns and sequences beyond 100 and used and applied our fluency with number to solve problems with money including acting as detectives to track down some stolen money! 


In addition to this, we have had lots of fun celebrating Art Week where we recreated the portraits of Modigliani as well as World Food Day where children in Spruce made beetroot hummus while Birch class created delicious apple pie. We have had some excellent Philosophy for Children discussions, learnt songs and worked on our catching and throwing skills in P.E. 


It's been another busy but exciting term at VPPS!

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