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Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning Page

We recognise that everybody's situation is different.  Please don't feel pressure to complete every activity, or to complete learning activities for hours and hours each day. You are best placed to decide how much or how little your children can complete, alongside everything else going on in your house at the moment.  Above all, be proud of yourselves - we are all having to reinvent what we do each day, with the overall aim of looking after ourselves and each other.  You're doing a great job. 


Use the email to let us know how you are getting on or if you have any questions.  We are also loving seeing your photos of your home learning (but please don't feel pressure with this!)  Please put the name of your child in the subject box.  The email address is:

Welcome to the Easter holidays!

Just to update you all, we won’t be phoning, responding to emails or setting new work over the 2 week Easter break but would love to see some photos of what you have been up to with your families after the holiday. There are some ideas below of how to keep busy.  We will update the website again on Monday 20th April when we return.  Happy holidays everyone and stay safe.  We hope you enjoy a rest with your family. 


The signs of spring are arriving fast and so if you want some ideas to keep you busy over the holiday, here are some creative and fun activities that you could do for your spring project.

First listen to the story ‘Rabbit’s Spring Adventure’ to find out about the signs of spring that Rabbit discovers.  How many can you count?


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  • Create a spring garden using a cereal box or plastic food container.  Either collect soil and plants/grass/flowers/stones from your own garden to make a mini one or use junk modelling/paper/plastercine/paint to make one.
  • Decorate eggs
  • Draw or paint a spring picture
  • Make paper flowers to decorate your house
  • Press flowers between some heavy books
  • Plant seeds for your garden
  • Make masks for the characters and act out the story
  • Write your own spring adventure story

Have fun!

Art activities from Mrs Johnson

Weekly Update

We have loved receiving your emails and seeing pictures of you and your home learning tasks. Keep them coming and do let us know when sending if you are happy for any pictures to appear in our home learning gallery.  Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving you all a call for a quick catch up and check that you're all doing ok, so if you have a call from a 'withheld' number it may be us so please answer!

The Great Goat Chase read by Miss Wright

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Please find detailed below some maths resources that you may like to try at home.  It is not expected that all of these activities should completed by every child.  Select the tasks which best suit your child's interest, your day's schedule and enthusiasm .  Some of the tasks pupils can complete independently and others require a little adult support.  Some parents have requested a daily lesson (see White Rose link below) whilst others prefer activities to dip into or recreate 'off screen' (see video link of games from I See Maths below).  We will update and refresh activities on this page for our most avid mathematicians and Mrs Halford will add a video each week with some ideas to try at home or a virtual lesson that pupils can take part in if they wish.  As always, enjoy playing with number and keep the pictures and emails coming - we are loving seeing them!

Daily maths lessons available from White Rose. 

Videos and activities (print off or complete on screen) 


Sum Turnover, KS1

A brilliant card game for developing fluency with addition - also, lots of opportunities for strategic thinking! A game that can easily be adapted for childr...

Maths - Regular Ongoing Practice 


This week practise counting to 100 accurately in ones.  Jack Hartmann is here to help keep you moving, grooving and counting.

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a message about staying healthy and fit ...

You are also encouraged to log onto your mathletics account regularly to access online activities which will consolidate the learning we have covered in class to date.  If you have lost your log in details please email the year 1 address above and we will re-issue this.


Writing (27.3.20)

For our literacy this term we have read the story 'Monkey Puzzle'.  We are also learning about animals so here is another animal story for you to listen to 'Don't Wake the Bear, Hare!'

After you have listened to this story, here are some activities for you to try out for your next week of home learning linked to the story:

  • draw the bear and write a character description of him using lots of great adjectives
  • draw the party in the woods and write a setting description of it using super adjectives
  • write an invitation to the bear inviting him to the party
  • design and draw your own party - What will you eat? What decorations will you have?  Who will you invite?  What games will you play?
  • write a book review about the story
  • write a letter to bear to thank him for coming to the party
  • act out the story with your family
  • paint a picture about the story
  • write alliteration party food where the words begin with the same sound - jiggling jelly, colourful cakes, sweet strawberries, beautiful biscuits

Have fun and hope you enjoy the story!

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'Don't Wake the Bear, Hare!'

A funny story of how a scared hare woke up a friendly bear.

Phonics/spelling (02.04.20)

We are aiming to update the phonics/spelling activities weekly so choose which ones you fancy and leave the ones you don't! For your phonics and spelling this week please review all the sounds in the sound families.  

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Activity 1: Print out each of the sounds so you have one grapheme on each piece of paper (e.g for the ee sound family you would have 3 separate pieces of paper ee,ea, and e_e) If you don't have a printer just make your own cards.  Play a game where you have to match all the cards which make the same sound.


Activity 2: Play hunt the sounds.  Hide the cards around the house/garden and search for them.  When your child finds a card get them to tell you the sound.


Activity 3: Pick one of the sound families then find a book and write down any words with these sounds in.


Activity 4: Play one of the following games on Phonics Play. (Phase 5) 

  You can pick all phase 5 sounds or choose ones you would like to practise.

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Reading (30.3.20)

Don't forget to read daily and practise your sounds key words.  If you are getting bored of the books you have at home Oxford Owl have a free online library of books for you to access.


Twinkl have made all their resources free for a month. 

Here is a link for a traditional tales comprehension:


And here is one about looking after dogs!


You could also have a go at some of our school reading challenges.  They can be found on our website under key information, curriculum, love of reading challenges.  Have fun reading!

Enquiry (30.3.20)
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This term our Enquiry question has been How can we sort animals? This week investigate herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  Below are some activities you could do ...


Activity 1: watch this short clip/powerpoint which explains the definitions of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.


Activity 2: Do you have any toy animals at home?  Sort them into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Take a photo and send it to us.  We'd love to see your sorting.


Activity 3: Cut and stick the animals under the different headings.  Don't worry if you don't have a printer you can just draw 2 or 3 animals under each heading... omnivore, carnivore and herbivore.


Activity 4: Play the game 'What am I?' The rules are simple.  Person 1 thinks of an animal and can only answer yes and no to the questions.  The other players ask questions to try and discover what animal they are thinking of.  Encourage asking the question 'Are you a carnivore? Omnivore? Herbivore?'


Mental Health

Please look after yourselves.  It can be hard having to isolate.  Don't forget to have fun and carry out some physical exercises.  Run around the garden, do an aerobic work out, play bat and ball.  Or if you want to chill out   Cosmic yoga (You Tube) is a great resource to help you relax.


Arnold the Ant | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 40 | Arnold the Ant | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! Join Jaime on a kids yoga adventure - about having big dreams. Arnold is an ant who lives in an a...

P.E with Joe | Thursday 2nd April 2020

Day 9 of my 9am daily workouts 😀