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Week beginning 8th June

We are starting Phase 4 this week. 


* Have a go at recapping all the Phase 2 sounds. 

Play Fastest finger when recapping these sounds. Have a copy of the Phase 2 sound mat ready or make one of your own. Take it in turns to say a sound for the other person to put their finger on as quick as they can. Can you also think of a word that has the sound in? 


* This week practise splitting words into syllables. You could clap the number of syllables when saying your names or the names of objects you see around the home.

Learn Syllables | Syllable Song for Kids | Clap, Stomp and Chomp | Jack Hartmann

This syllable song helps children hear the syllables in 1, 2 and 3 syllable words and helps them develop their phonological awareness skills. The syllable so...

We could also practise reading and writing longer words. This week our focus is on CVCC words, which means words that are made up of consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant.  Ideas for doing this:


*Turning a 3 letter word into a 4 letter word. Ask your child to read one of these words, then add another letter to the end. What does the word say now? 

ten(t), bum(p), san(d), win(d), ban(k), ben(ch), pain(t).

They could also have a go at writing these too. Remember they should write the 3 letter word first, then add an extra sound to make a new word. 


*You could play Buried treasure. You will need some simple real and nonsense words and 2 containers - 1 as the treasure chest and one as the bin. Your child should choose a word and read it. If it's real it goes in the treasure chest, if it's nonsense it goes in the bin. To add some excitement, you could hide the words in sand or a box of shredded paper.