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Week beginning 8th June

Things you could do at home this week:


*Have a go at sequencing the story. You could draw your own pictures as sequencing cards or you can use the ones at the end of this page. If you child gets muddled up with some of the events, use the story map or retell the story again to clarify the order. 





*Have a go at making a nest. You could use anything you like - building blocks, play dough, shredded wheat and chocolate! You could also make some eggs to go inside. Maybe you could even find out how ducks make their nests.


Here's an easy chocolate nest recipe


*Retell the story and talk about how the duckling felt at the beginning, middle and end. Do the feelings change as the story progresses? Can you put those feelings into a sentence? Such as The duckling was sad because ____________. Here are some feelings prompts if you'd like to discuss more than just happy and sad

Remember to use the keyword cards to help with keyword spellings and use a capital letter and full stop for each sentence. 


*You could make a mask or puppet of the main character and act out the story. Maybe ask a family member to join in too so you have more than one character? Remember to use the story map to help with the sequence of events.