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Week beginning 6th July

This week our activities are linked to thinking about moving to Year 1!


Mr Bailey announced this week which class you will be in when you start Year 1! If you have not seen this yet, watch his assembly on the home learning page. Chestnut class will become Beech class in September and Pine class will become Mulberry class!!


Things you could do this week:


* Read the Cautious Caterpillar story. There is a PowerPoint below. Talk about how Cody the Caterpillar feels throughout the story. What was Cody worried about? How did she overcome her worries? How did she feel at the end of the story?


* The Cautious Caterpillar story links really nicely to moving up to Year 1. Cody goes from feeling worried and cautious to brave and excited! You can also talk about changing classes – Are you excited? Worried? What are you looking forward to doing in Year 1? You could complete the Spreading my Wings from Reception to Year 1 sheet attached below, using pictures or words or do a similar activity on a blank piece of paper. The important part is discussing the points so feel free to write or draw for your child if they are reluctant to do it themselves.


* Make a My Year 1 class poster! This could include your new class name, pictures or photos of the adults who will be in your class, pictures of the friends who are in the same class…. You can do anything you like! I have included a sheet below if you would like to use that.