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Week beginning 6th July

Focus: Recapping Phase 3 sounds, read and write longer, decodable words (words that can be sounded out).


To recap sounds this week show your child a Phase 3 sound mat and ask them to identify each sound. Make a note of any of the sounds they are struggling to remember. You could also do this by writing each sound on a separate bit of paper and working your way through the pile. 


Once you know which sounds to recap, show your child some words with these sounds in for them to practise reading. Remember to use sound buttons to help. Alternatively you could have a go at one of these....

There are also some quick activities that help recap Phase 3 sounds. Have a look at this PowerPoint...

To practise reading longer words have a go at working out what these aliens are saying. Remember to use sound buttons to identify the letters that go together to make 1 sound. If you need a recap on how to use sound buttons please see the video in the phonics activities for week beginning 22nd June. 


Can you make up any other alien words using the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds?


For more practise reading longer, decodable words, have a go at this word search...
For practise spelling some longer, decodable words, have a look at these....