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Week beginning 29th June

Focus for this week: Recapping Phase 3 sounds, read and write longer, decodable words (words that can be sounded out).


* To recap some Phase 3 sounds this week have a go at Roll and Read. For this you need a piece of paper with some words on and a dice. You have to roll the dice and whichever number you land on you have to read that word! Can you read all the words in each row?


There is a printable word board attached below. 


* You could make a throwing at the target game to recap Phase 3 sounds, focusing on some sounds your child is confident with and some they are still learning. You will need an object that can be thrown (a teddy, bean bag, bag of rice) and some targets (pieces of paper with sounds written on). Children have to throw the object and say the sound it lands on. We play games like this at school and it always seems to engage children more as it involves a bit of moving around. You could also do this outside with chalked numbers and a water pistol/water balloons!



Alternatively, you could play this recapping game  Phonics Pop


* It is important to have regular practise of reading and writing words with the sounds we have learnt in, so that children retain their learning. This week you could read one of the words and draw a picture to match. If you find it tricky to spot digraphs and trigraphs hiding inside words remember to draw the sound buttons first to help you.


Here is a list of words you  could use...