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Week beginning 22nd June

Things you could do this week:


*  How many animals can you think of in 1 minute?  To help you concentrate on thinking of animals, you might want to ask an adult to write them down. It would be a good idea to write each animal onto a separate post-it note or piece of paper. Once the timer is up, can you sort the animals according to their habitat (where they live)? For example farm, under water, snow, countryside, jungle, etc. After all the animals are sorted, can you add any more to each category? To extend this activity, you could choose one of the animals to describe using adjectives. You could describe the colour, size, number of legs.



* Have a go at changing The Ugly Duckling story to one of your own. First you will need to think of a new main character, then where it will live. You may want to choose one of the animals from the above activity.  Record your changes onto a blank story map (one is attached below for your convenience) and retell your story to check it makes sense.


* Make a book of your new story. You could give the book a front cover and use pictures and writing to make it interesting when others read it. Think about what describing words you could use to engage the reader and how the pictures should link to the writing on that page. Use the sound mat and keyword cards to help, and you may find the word mat from last week helpful. I have attached it below again for your convenience.



* Match pictures of adult animals and their babies. Do you know the correct name of each baby animal? Once you have paired the pictures have a think about how the adult and baby animal are similar and different. Do some animals look more like the adult than others? You could have a go at describing some of the animals too.



* Go on a keyword hunt! You will need an adult to put keywords around the house or garden while you are not looking. These should be a mixture of ones children can read and ones they are working on (more of the ones they know so they are motivated to keep playing. If it’s too hard they won’t have fun). Go and find all the keywords. If they are on cards you can collect them, or if they are written on post-its or in the garden you will need to write them on your own piece of paper. Go back to your adult and read the words you have found.