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Week beginning 22nd June

Focus for this week: Recapping Phase 3 sounds; read and write longer, decodable words (words that can be sounded out).


* Write some of the sounds on small bits of card or paper. Do this twice so you have two of each sound. Use these cards to play pairs (where you turn the cards upside down and take it in turns to turn over two cards at a time. When you find two that match you have to say the sound and if it’s right you keep the cards) or snap (where you each have a pile of cards turned upside down. You take it in turns to turn one card at a time and shout ‘snap’ if two of the same come after each other. You then have to say the sound to win the pile).


* Play Grab a Giggling Grapheme on the Phonics Play website. You can recap Phase 2 or Phase 3 sounds.


* Sound buttons. In school we regularly add sound buttons to words to make it easier to read an unknown word. It helps children to identify which letters go together before they start to sound out a word. This strategy is also used in Year 1.  Watch this video for further explanation.

How To Use Sound Buttons

Only watch up to 8min 20 sec as the last bit explains how to add sound buttons to sounds children learn in Year 1.

Have a look at a word and see if you can add the sound buttons on. Once the sound buttons are added, read the word. It’s good to start with shorter words for practise, then if your child is confident, move onto longer or more complex words.

Phase 2 words: man, sad, pig, hat, sock, neck, sunset, bat, laptop, fuss.

Phase 3 words: rain, feet, coat, night, moon, hood, farmyard, surf, town, coin, hear, hair.

Longer words: swim, brown, smart, treetop, crisp, strap, twist, cling, scrunch, driftwood, lunchbox.



* Play Yes/No questions. This game involves reading silly sentences then deciding if the answer is yes or no.  If your child is struggling to spot digraphs (sounds made up of two letters) or trigraphs (sounds made up of three letters) then use sound buttons to highlight which letters go together to make another sound. If you are unsure yourself, use the Phase 3 sound mat to check as all the resources we use on our home learning page will only have digraphs and trigraphs found on there.

There are printable resources for this game below. 



You can play this on a tablet or computer too. Click on the link or got to and choose Tell a T Rex