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Week beginning 15th June

Focus: Recap of Phase 3 sounds, read and write CCVC words


*Recap Phase 3 sounds.

You could play the game where the adult says a sound for the child to write. You could also play it the other way round. Have the sound mat available if you child is struggling to remember what the sound looks like.


* Play Sentence Substitution. This game involves writing each word to a simple sentence on pieces of paper or card. The substitute a word in that sentence to make a new sentence. Once the word is changed, read the new sentence to check it makes sense.


Some ides for alternative sentences...

You can also play this game on


* This week our focus is on CCVC words, which means words that are made up of consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant. Idea for doing this:


Write a CCVC word and cover up the first letter. Ask your children to read the word, then uncover the first letter and ask them to read it again. What does the new word say? Repeat several times with different words – spot, spin, speck, stop, trip, track, twin, clap, glad, grip. 

The idea is that children get to a point where they can read the word without having to sound it out. This helps children’s reading to become effortless and automatic, which is the reason we teach phonics in the first place. Repeat the activity on various days so your child is able to read the word straight off.


* Choose one of the words above and see how many times you can write it in 1 minute. You can write it at the top of the page to start with if it helps. Is there a word you can write more times than others? Can you play this game on a few separate occasions and try to beat your score?