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Week beginning 13th July

Our final week of Reception!! Where has the time gone? 


This week's literacy is all about reflecting over the last year. We have done so much!


This week you could have a go at some of these activities:


*Have a think about your time in Chestnut or Pine class. What is your favourite memory? Why? Have a look at the above poster if you are struggling to remember some of things we did. It's also in PDF format.


You could also think about what you have learnt. Could you write your name when you started school? Do your own zip up? Could you read? Could you confidently climb on the apparatus? There has been soooooo much learning going on since September! Maybe an adult could remind you of how you have changed, if you are struggling to remember back to the start of Reception. 

* You could make a poster or fact sheet about Reception, that we can share with the new children ready for when they start school in September. You could include things that they may be doing over the year, toys they may enjoy playing with, events to look forward to.... any information you think would be useful. 

Did you know? The names of the classes will be changing next year. Chestnut classroom will become Cherry Class and Pine classroom will become Willow Class!

* Have you watched the video of the adults who will be in your class in Year 1 yet? They have been in the 'Transition' section of the website, but here they are again if you've missed them...

Pine Class into Mulberry Class

Meet the Mulberry class adults and have a look at your new classroom....

Chestnut Class into Beech Class

Meet the adults working in Beech class and have a look at your new classroom....

Do you have any questions for your new teachers? Is there something you would like to know about your new classroom? They are happy to answer any question, however big or small, so either go to the Transition section of the website (click on Home Learning as normal, then scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a butterfly icon to indicate the page) or email them at Don't forget to include your name and which class you are going to be in.