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Week beginning 13th July

This will be our last week of Phonics home learning! 


This week to recap the Phase 2 and 3 sounds, choose the game you enjoyed the most from my posts over the last term. To remind you there was:

* Fastest finger - you need a copy of a sound mat or sounds written down, and race each other on who can find the sound first. Take it in turns to choose a sound for both of you to find. 

* Say and write - one person says a sound for the other one to write. Take it in turns to be the speaker and the writer. 

* Snap - choose 5/6 sounds and write them out twice on small bits of card or paper. Turn them over and take it in turns to turn 2 cards over. If they match and you can say the sound, you keep it!

* Roll and read - you need a dice and a board with words on (see phonics from 29th June for more detailed instructions). Roll the dice and read the corresponding word.


* Have a go putting all your phonics skills together to read sentences and match them with the corresponding pictures. There are a few printable resources below, or you could make your own by writing some of the sentences and drawing a quick picture. As long as you explain what the picture is you can be as brief or as detailed as you like! Alternatively, your child could read the sentence and draw a picture themselves that would match.