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Week 7 beginning 13.07.20

Week 7 Enquiry 


Learning Focus

This week you are going to be celebrating being you!   


Useful vocabulary

unique, individual, values, qualities



Activity 1       

We would like you to think about how great you are.

Can you remember back to last September when you first started school in Pine or Chestnut Class?

Think how much you have learnt, grown and changed since then?

Can you talk about some of these things? 

Perhaps you could draw or write about a few of them?

Is there something that you are particularly proud of?

Are there some things you have found a bit tricky but you have shown determination and resilience and not given up?




Activity 2         

This is an activity to ask members of your family or friends.

Can you ask them to tell you something they feel is special or unique about you? 

Perhaps you are fantastic at helping, climbing trees, or have imaginative ideas? 

Maybe you are brilliant at sharing, playing football or art?


You can fill in the 'I am Special' sheet below or ask a grown up to write on it if you wish.