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Week 5 Enquiry

This week we are focusing on HUMAN geography and how people's lives might be both the same and different in different parts of the world.

Week 5 Enquiry with Mrs Walker - human geography of Kenya

Watch the two clips of life in Kenya below - what is the same and different between the city and the countryside? And also between your life and theirs? 
Kenya is well known for its nomadic tribes (tribes who follow their cattle and the seasons rather than staying in one place) including the Maasai and the Samburu tribe. The video below explains a bit about their lives. The second clip shows you a traditional home and some of the Maasai traditions and the last one is of the famous Maasai jumping dance.

Week 4

Extra clips if you want to learn more!
Watch these clips comparing different locations in the UK and Africa. What is the same and what is different?: