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Week 5 beginning 18.5.20

PE Week 5


PE with Joe Wicks

Have you tried the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel?

9.00am - 9.30am Monday to Friday.


You can also watch these back at any time.


Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 29 | Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! A kids yoga adventure about Tiny, a young T-Rex, who learns about looking after his teeth! Learn ...

Sports Day Activities


* Why not try having some garden games fun? 

1.  You could do some running, hopping, skipping, jumping or dressing up races or relay. 

2.  You could find something to balance on your head.  Perhaps a pair of socks or bag of crisps! 

3.  Maybe you could put a small potato on a spoon or an egg if you are brave!  See if you can walk whilst balancing it.  Can you change your speed to go a little faster?

4.  Have a go at wellie wanging!  Find a safe space, make sure there is no one nearby and see how far you can throw your wellie!

Outdoor Learning



Why don’t you help your adult in your garden or outside space and do some gardening?  You could do some weeding, water the plants and perhaps pick some flowers to put in a vase to decorate and brighten up your home.  Remember to be careful if you are using scissors!



*Bug Hotel

You could collect different natural materials from your garden or when you are out on a walk to make a bug house.  You could even use recycled materials.



*Pressing Flowers

You may like to pick some flowers or leaves and put under some heavy books to press them.  You’ll need to be patient and wait at least 2 weeks before taking them out!  Maybe you would like to make a picture or a card for a friend or family member and send it to them.  It will certainly make them smile.