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Week 4 beginning 11.5.20

PE Week 4

Week beginning 11.5.20


PE with Joe Wicks

Have you tried the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel?

9.00am - 9.30am Monday to Friday.

You can also watch these back at any time.


Lucky Dip



*Choose 6 physical activities and write them on a pieces of paper.  These could be star jumps, running on the spot, jumping, hopping, bending down and touching your toes etc. 

Put them into a container, take turns to pick one out at a time and do this activity for 1 minute. Maybe you can add to these activities over time?


*You could do something similar with different games or activities you enjoy and use this activity as a break from your home school learning.




Outdoor Learning


Mark making

*Why not try using chalk or water and brushes to draw animals?



*Perhaps you could collect sticks, stones, leaves, shells or use sand and create a picture or sculpture of an animal. You could use your imagination to create anything you like!


Here is Stick Lady!