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Week 5

Iron Age

This week we are going to learn some things about the Iron Age which is what came after the Bronze Age.


First Task: We need to know what iron is. Research what iron is. Make a poster of things we make using iron in today's world.


Watch this video to find out a bit more about the Iron Age.

Here is some more information about the Iron Age.


The first thing to do is compare the different ages that we have learnt about.


Now we want you imagine you can return to one of these ages in a time capsule. Which age you most like to live in.

Draw a picture of yourself wearing the clothes of the age. Give 3 different reasons why you would like to live then.


End of term challenge

Normally at the end of an Enquiry, we do a challenge. You have already made some extremely good dioramas of a Stone Age settlement. Your challenge now is to create a diorama of an Iron Age hill fort. 

You can make this out of anything you have at home but if you are struggling to find things, you can do a detailed picture of a hill fort with labels and information around the edge.