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Week 4

The Bronze Age

Somewhere around 2000BCE (about 4000 years ago), people discovered that they were able to make objects and tools using metal instead of stone. The metal they used at this point was called bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. It became so well-used that today we call this period of time The Bronze Age.


  • Why might metal be more useful than stone?


This video gives a good introduction to the changes that brought about the end of the stone age:


This one is from the Museum of London. It has school children showing you how archaeologists believe that people might have made bronze items.

This week

As people had been farming plants and animals for some time now, there began to be a change in how people lived. 


They lived in larger settlements and family groups and lived among their animals. Because they were keeping animals they also had wool and they began to change the clothes they wore. Instead of animal skins people began to weave their own clothes.


If we had been in school we would have all been doing some weaving of our own. This week, if you have the resources at home, we would like you to try a little weaving. Here are some instructions:


Parents! Please note! Having done this with 30 children over the three years I was previously in year 3, I can reassure you that the outcomes will NOT look like the lady's in the pictures. This is absolutely fine! It can be done in little bursts at a time as it takes some time and patience. 


If you don't have these resources available to you, don't worry. You can design some Bronze Age outfits for a family. You could imagine that the people in your family are in the Bronze Age. What would each person wear? Send in your designs! Remember, bronze and gold jewellery was very important to show how important you were. Here is a site that might be helpful to start you off:





If you want to take it even further, try to imagine what a day might have been like for a Bronze Age child in a small village. What would your daily jobs have been? Find out what type of food you might have eaten. 

Your task is to write a short diary entry for a Bronze Age day.


We can't wait to see how you get on!