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Week 4 beginning 22.06.20

Week 4 Enquiry


Learning Focus

This week we are going to be thinking about how we are all different.




Useful vocabulary

compare, describe, similar, different, unique, qualities, individual, value, respect


It is important to value and respect one another and recognise our own qualities and those in others.


We look different, we sound different, we are good at different things, find different things tricky along with many other things that make us all unique and special.


Activity 1

Have a think about a family member or a friend.  Can you think of some of the things that are different between you both?  Here are some things that you could think about.


What is your friend good at?

What do they like doing?

Do you like similar or different things?

Can you compare yourself with a friend or sibling by describing what you both look like?

Do you like or dislike similar or different food?

Is your favourite colour, song, sport, book, tv program the same or different?


Activity 2

Make two models of people or choose two toys to compare.

What do they look like?

Do they move in the same or different ways?

What do the toys do?


Perhaps you could draw pictures of them both.  You could compare them by writing about them or describing how they are different.


Activity 3

Have you read these books?