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Week 3

 This week we are going to consider how life changed over thousands of years from the early stone age towards the end of that period. Remember, the changes were very slow and happened in different places at different times. No-one said, 'Right, that's it! The Middle Stone Age is over!' Everything changed very gradually.

First some links to explain and help us understand some of the changes that happened.

Learning tasks

This week, there are some different options for you to choose.

You can choose all of them or just one. It would be great to see as many as possible, depending on how much help you need and have at home.

  1.  Imagine you have travelled back in time to visit and look at how people live in the late stone age. Write a postcard from the time explaining some of the changes that you have seen.
  2. Make your own Stone Henge. This could be a model, a collage... it's up to you.
  3. Design a Neolithic Farm for you and your family. Where would you grow crops? Do you keep any animals? How do you keep your farm safe?