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Week 3 beginning 15.06.20

Week 3 Enquiry




Thank you for sharing some of your work and activities from Week 2.  We hope you had fun.  If you haven't had time to do this yet, you can still do this anytime throughout this term.  These activity ideas are suggestions so there is no pressure to do them.  You may have you own wonderful ideas!


Learning Focus

This week we are going to be thinking about the many different things you are good at.


These could be things you do in school, at home, at a club you go to, at the park or somewhere else.


Have a think about what it is that makes you good at these things.  Perhaps you have been trying really hard, not giving up, showing determination and resilience? 

Perhaps it is a natural talent you have? 

You could talk to a grown up about it, draw a picture or write about it.


Think about how you feel when you are praised and recognised for being able to do these things well?


You could have a look at this sheet about emotions and feelings for how you may feel in different situations.

We are all special and unique and have our own qualities.  Have a look at completing this poem about why you are special.