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Week 2

There were 3 main periods of time in Prehistory that we are looking at:


Remember changes in Prehistoric times took place over hundreds and thousands of years.

We are still looking at the early part of the Stone Age this week when people in Britain were mainly ‘hunter-gatherers’. This means that they had to hunt and gather their own food. They couldn't just pop to the shop! They were nomadic which means they travelled a lot, moving to different parts of the country in different seasons or to follow their food, for example following migrating fish or deer.

How do we know about life in Prehistoric Britain?

Nobody knew how to write and there were no cameras! Most of the evidence comes from remains and clues discovered by archaeologists.

Have a look at this webpage to learn more about how early people lived and how we found out about them.

Your task

Have a look at these scanned pictures from a lovely book called Stone Age Boy. The story is about a boy who travels back in time. Can you spot him?! The pictures show what life might have been like in a Stone Age camp.

Your task is to paint a picture or make a model of a Stone Age camp. You could make a diorama or model from things you find in your garden or at the park. Remember to include:

  • food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • environment/ landscape 

We can’t wait to see your creations – please send us some photos!


**Please keep these pictures or models as we will be comparing them with the Iron Age at the end of the topic.**