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Week 2 beginning 8.06.20

Week 2 beginning 8.06.20


PE Week 2


PE with Joe Wicks

Try the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel.

9.00am - 9.30am Monday to Friday.


You can also watch these back at any time.


Please check any links/websites before exposing them to your children. We have done our best to check them first but we may have missed something.  Many thanks.


Diggory the Dumptruck | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A children's yoga adventure for younger kids - all about working as a team. We join Jaime and Diggory on an adventure with all the other the toys - to try to...

Outdoor Learning


*Ball Skills

Use a ball or football and carefully pass it from from one foot to the other. 

Can you travel while passing the ball from left to right? 

Do you find 1 foot easier to control and kick the ball than the other?

Can you place objects on the ground to weave in and out of while dribbling the ball?

Try kicking the ball to a partner, watching carefully as you aim and stop the ball. 


*Ice Fun

First fill an ice cube tray or different pots with water.

Then look for different things in the garden or house to place into the water. 

This could be leaves, petals, flowers, sticks, sequins, buttons, lego etc.

Next put it into the freezer until frozen.

After that take out the ice cubes.  What do you notice?  What can you see?




You could try using a larger container and layering water and objects, freezing it a day at a time then adding more.  Have fun!