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Week 2 beginning 8.06.20

Week 2 Enquiry

Our Enquiry this term is ‘What makes us special?’


Thank you for sharing some of your self portraits from Week 1.  We hope you had fun.  If you haven't had time to do this yet, you can still try this anytime during the term.  These ideas for activities are just suggestions so there is no pressure to do them.


Create a special box.


This week we would like to find out more about you.  Your activity is to create a special box filled with items that are special to you.  These could be photographs, letters, pictures, toys, items of clothing, books or anything else you feel is important and special to you. 


You may already have a special box you could use. If not then you could use an empty box from your recycling and decorate it however you like. Even a plastic kitchen box will do the job to put your items in and keep them safe.


You could send us send us some photographs or video yourself showing or talking about your special things on your Interactive Learning Diary or send it to our Early Years email address.


Have fun!