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Week 2

I hope you got to know your skeleton a little better last week and understand that not all animals are vertebrates like us.


This week's focus is all about nutrition. Nutrition means the food we eat to support a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.

Next week we will be learning about plants. Plants are amazing because most of them are able to make their own food!

However, animals and humans can't do that and have to eat to get nutrition for their bodies.

What are your favourite foods? If you had to have just one meal for dinner for the rest of your lives what would it be?


Below is a poster which shows The Eatwell Plate. This is a guide which shows how much of different food groups we should try to eat to have a healthy diet. Have a look and see if you can find which kinds of foods you like to eat.

Also attached below is a food diary activity. Try to record what you have each day for each meal and think about the different food groups that are included. Use the Eatwell Plate poster to help you identify the food groups.


Have you tried anything new during lockdown that you wouldn't normally eat? Sometimes it is good to be a little adventurous and discover something new that is just delicious. Let us know!