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Term 4 Week 5 Literacy

Tin Forest

Our literacy text for Term 4 week 1 and 2 home learning is The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. You can see the story being read here.

And there is a copy of the text below.


Week 1 Literacy

Choose a task to complete each time you are home learning:

  1. Draw a story map of the Tin Forest - there is an example story map below.
  2. Draw a picture of the old man's dream; make it really colourful!
  3. Pick out at least 3 words or phrases that you really like, write them in bubble writing or colours or draw a picture next to them and write down why you like them.
  4. Imagine a conversation between the bird and the old man the first time they meet - you could draw speech bubbles or write a paragraph with some speech in.
  5. Use this sentence to start a paragraph of description about the forest: Small creatures appeared, creeping among the forest of trees. Wild animals slipped through the green shadows. You could start your sentences with adverbial phrases such as 'Above his head...', 'Beneath the trees...', Next to the small house with small windows...'

Example story map of Little Red Riding Hood for Challenge 1: