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Week 1 beginning 1.06.20

Week 1 beginning 1.06.20

PE Week 1


PE with Joe Wicks

Have you tried the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel?

9.00am - 9.30am Monday to Friday.


You can also watch these back at any time.

Fernando the Silver Fox | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 13 | Fernando the Silver Fox | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! A kids yoga adventure about sleeping well and not being afraid of the dark! A fun yoga w...

Outdoor Learning


*Self – Portrait 

Link to Enquiry. Create a self – portrait.  You could use natural or manmade objects to create a portrait of yourself.




*Water play

Have fun with different size and shaped containers and water.  Can you fill different containers using different things? Maybe you can find a funnel, sieve or pipes to use too.



Sit or lie quietly outside for 5-10 minutes and close your eyes.  What different sounds can you hear?  Are there some sounds you recognise and some you don’t?



Sit quietly outside in the garden or on a walk somewhere.  Do you notice any birds that come and go?  Do you recognise any of these birds? Perhaps you may be able to name some.  If not the perhaps you could find out?