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Please read for at least 30 minutes each day - see the separate reading folder for ideas to help you improve your reading skills.


Wednesday – addition and subtraction word problems.

Watch Mrs Walker's lesson below and then have a go at the word problems – remember to use the 'CUBES' sheet to help you.

If you are feeling confident start on Challenge 2 then have a go at the Mastery Challenges.

We're aware lots of you won't have a printer to print off the sheets - don't worry, you can go through 'cubes' and make notes or just think about 'cubes' in your head as you solve the problems.

Column addition and subtraction word problems lesson

Still image for this video


If you have completed all the tasks from last week (they are now all in the 'Extra Literacy' folder) we will put another one up each day to keep your Literacy skills ticking over!

Week 2 Task 3 - character description

Read the text or listen to the story, particularly the first part where we learn about the Old Man.

  1. Make notes about what you learn about the old man - appearance, personality, feelings etc
  2. Draw an outline of the Old Man - use the template below or you could even draw round yourself if you have a big enough piece of paper!!
  3. Inside the outline, write words and phrases to describe the Old Man's feelings and personality
  4. Outside the outline write what you know about his outward appearance and other facts.

Extra challenge - Can you use any 'wow' words to make your description even better. e.g can you think of another word for 'sad' to make your writing the best it can be. You could use a thesaurus and talk about which word might be the most appropriate to use.


You will have a new set of spellings to learn each week - check the Spelling Bee folder for the lists and ideas to help you practise.