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Today we are going to use the description of the creature from the story:


“The creature had a mouth and eyes, like me, but that is where the similarities ended. Its skin was so thin that it could see tiny veins filled with blue blood running down its neck. It was small, fragile, and had claws so stubby they couldn’t have opened a clam. It was colourful - its eyes were one colour, its hair another.”


Using this description, draw what you think it looks like and label the features from the description.


Then you are going to be creating a creature you would have in a story. Think about what your creature would look like, what is its hair like? How does it move? You need to write a description for your creature but choose your vocabulary carefully so we can picture them, be as detailed as possible. In your description you need to use one simile to describe part of your creature. When you have completed your description, draw what your creature would look like.


This week, there is a bit of a change again.


Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped providing maths sheets for free so this week you have two options for maths practice. We have used some of the White Rose ideas to make the activities. If you manage to do both then great! The 2 options are linked this week.


1. Continue following the daily lessons on Bitesize


2. Follow the lessons below.