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Across the next three days in Literacy we are going to be focusing on a short video called ‘Taking Flight’. On a piece of paper, the first thing you are going to do is write a prediction of what you think ‘Taking Flight’ could be about. Make sure you write your prediction down so that once you have watched the video you can compare it to what actually happened.

Once you have predicted what it might be about, watch the video below, remember you can rewind parts and re-watch them if you need to.

Taking Flight

Once you have watched it you are going to be choosing one of the adventures that Tony goes on and describing what happened. In your description you need to imagine that you are Tony, so you will be using the pronoun ‘I’. For example, one of your sentences could be: “All I can see all around is white clouds, as fluffy as candy floss, floating in the sky.”  You should be building a picture in the readers mind at all times so that even without watching the video I know where you are describing.

Use these questions to help your descriptions:

  • What could you hear?
  • What could you see?
  • What could you smell?
  • What were you doing?
  • How were you feeling?

When you are writing, make sure you are using a ‘remember to’ to make sure we are still practicing those key skills in our writing. As a challenge, you could include a simile.

 We would love to read your descriptions so if you could email a photo to the Year 2 email address before the end of the day we would really appreciate it.

Reading and spelling

For spellings this week the focus is still going to be on our keywords. It is really important that we know how to read and spell these words because they are very common! Spellings take a lot of practice and one strategy which we find very useful is look, cover, write and check. 

Look at the word first, then cover the word with your hand and try and say the spelling out loud, then write it down and check to see if you spelt it correctly.


If you do not have access to the list of keywords please email the year 2 email address. 



In Maths this week we are going to be practising our times tables. For today we are going to be focusing on our 2 times table. First you need to watch the video where there will be lots of different questions for you to answer so, make sure you pause the video when needed! Remember you can rewind and rewatch the video as many times as possible as well.


Once you have watched the video, as many times as you need, complete the worksheet below. 


For our first enquiry of the year, you are going to practice being code breakers. For your first task we have written you a question which we would like you to answer in an encrypted code, this means that instead of writing the actual word like you normally would, you are going to be drawing the shapes for each letter. But first, you are going to need to use the key to work out what the question says!

Next you are going to be writing some encrypted messages of your own. You could get people in your family to work out your message and perhaps they could write you a message back to work out.


The word 'encrypted' is used when information has been changed into a code, so that only certain people are able to understand it. For example, only you could crack the code because you had the information which told you what shapes related to each letter, without that key you would not have known what I had said.


Once you have practiced writing your encrypted message we would love you to write us a message so we can have a go at breaking the code ourselves! There is a worksheet below for you to write on and there is a question for you to answer.