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A chance to test yourself today. Below are two documents. One is for the multiplication facts for the 2s, 5s and 10s and the other is the division facts.


Have a go at both. You can time yourself if you want a challenge or go through at your own pace. Use your objects or draw arrays if that helps you. 


Make a note of the ones that you find hardest to remember or to calculate. Those are the ones that you need to practise most.


Best of luck!



Today we are practising quotes. 

I have made a video for you: Literacy lesson

Here is the video of Firefighter Sam answering your questions: Answers video

I have also put the answers from the firefighter as a PDF at the bottom of this section.

However, if you would prefer just to use the PDF of the presentation, I have attached it as well.

Guided Reading

Keep up your reading:

- Read a book to your adults.

- Read a book to yourself.

- You can even read the cereal box and write some questions to test someone in your family!

- Also, listen to the story this week and do the guided reading activity.


Today, we have an online quiz to try for your guided reading. You can find out what you got right and wrong at the end.

Online Quiz Link


Wednesday chapter 8