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This week there are still 2 options.


1. Continue working on the Bitesize work here:


2. This week, we are going to take a look at fractions. We will mostly follow White Rose for this but there will also be a daily open-ended challenge for those people who need something extra.


Here is the link to the video for you watch before answering the questions.

Extra Challenge


Yesterday, you wrote a description of the part of a story where it feels as if there is no hope!

In Stronger Than Magic, Cerrie Burnell describes the 'little drop of hope' that can transform a bad situation into something wonderful and positive.

Today, think about what that little flicker of hope might be for the character you wrote about yesterday.

It could be something that they see, or something that they stumble over. Maybe it's a memory of something that they have been told or an object they find in their pocket. It needs to be something that changes how they feel; from despair to hopeful.

We would like you to draw a  detailed picture of the very moment when your character finds that little sliver of hope and write 3-5 sentences describing the change in their feelings.

See below for some examples of the sentences.