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First you need to listen to the first part of the second chapter, Miss Godfroy will tell you in the video when you need to pause the video to complete the tasks below.


Today we are going to be describing what we would pack in our bags if we were explorers. Once you have listened to the next part of the story, write down your answers to the following questions:

  1. What would you put in your backpack if you were an explorer?
  2. What would be essential, what would be useful, what would be a luxury?
  3. Would the stuff you brought with you depend on where you were going? Would you pack the same things if you were going to the jungle or a desert?
  4. What would you put in your explorermobile?


After you have answered these questions, draw your backpack and what you would pack for your adventure. Miss Godfroy drew a few things she would pack in her backpack, you could use that if you need a few ideas.


Now we are going to look at the note Oliver left his parents, imagine Oliver had more time before leaving to look for his parents, what else might he have written? Imagine you are Oliver and write a longer note you would have written to your parents explaining what has happened and where you have gone.