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Year 5 Bikeability Level 2 Training


22 of our Year 5 children spent the week successfully completing their Level 2 Bikeability cycle training with Bristol City Council. Huge well done to all the children who have picked up some valuable skills such as recognising typical road hazards, hand signalling and passing parked vehicles and side roads safely among others. For more information about Bikeablity sessions you can contact the Bristol Family Cycling Centre on

Bikeability Level with Year 3!

Bikeability Level with Year 3! 1

Level 1 Bikeability Training for Year 3

Year 3 took the opportunity to take part in Bikeability Level 1 training sessions over the past 2 weeks. They children have had great fun and learnt some valuable cycling skills. The purpose of these sessions was to prepare the children with some basic cycling skills such as getting on and off your bike without help, stopping with control, using gears and avoiding objects and how to share space with pedestrians and other cyclists. For more information about Bikeablity sessions you can contact the Bristol Family Cycling Centre on

Beth Tucker 

On Monday 21st January we were lucky enough to have a visitor, Beth Tucker, who is a local para athlete and is part of England Athletics Futures Programme, She gave an inspirational assembly focussing on determination and staying positive. Later Beth was quizzed by sports leaders and other children from year 5who asked her many questions. Barley asked “What was your most challenging race?” Beth shared that it was at the Olympic Stadium in 2018 when she face planted at the end of a race in front of ten thousand people. Z asked “Which sport would you choose if you couldn’t run?” Beth delighted the children by answering football. Joseph asked if Beth felt that she would one day go to the Olympics. Beth explained that she was earmarked for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. We wish Beth lots of luck in her training and future competitions and will avidly follow her progress.



On Thursday 17th January Year 4 were treated to a cricket session courtesy of Crispin at Wicketz. They were taught ground fielding, throwing and catching and finished with a game of caterpillar cricket. Hamza said “ I learnt the skills of long barrier to stop the ball.” Varshine exclaimed that she liked playing caterpillar cricket. Megan stated “I surprised myself by being able to hit the ball after only one lesson.” A huge thanks to Crispin for a fun filled session – we hope to see you again soon. Wicketz is a free local cricket club – all details can be found on the attached flyer.



Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of yoga with Karina, a local yoga teacher. They completed a fun warm up, followed by learning a range of yoga poses and mini routine which they had fun teaching each other including Mrs Casling. The lesson was finished with a short mindfulness session. Thank you Karina for stretching us – we hope that you can come back soon.

A silver medal for our Dodgeballers!!!

A silver medal for our Dodgeballers!!! 1

Wednesday 16th January 2019 - Year 5/6 Dodgeball Festival


An enthusiastic and talented Year 5/6 dodgeball team played with increasing skills and determination to secure second place in the Ashton Park Sports Partnership dodgeball tournament. Thomas Ellis ‘last man standing’ read the court like a professional whilst Fatima ‘ safe hands’ caught out many of the opposition to help secure multiple wins. Harrison and Thomas from Year 5 played the games with increasing confidence, while Roxy and Luke from Year 6 showed that determination and team work plays off. The legendary dodgeball team played and won their nail biting semi- final game but narrowly lost in the final to secure silver medals. Well done VPPS dodgeball team, we are so proud of your resilience, team work and positive attitude.


Year 5/6 at the 10th annual London chess classic!!

Year 5/6 at the 10th annual London chess classic!! 1

Thursday 13th December 2018 - Year 5/6 London Chess Classic


On Thursday, 14 excited Year 5 and 6 headed to London for the 10th annual London Classic. They had a fun filled day where they got to meet real Grandmasters (and get autographs), be coached by chess pros and even play themselves in a chess competition with over 450 children competing. All the children were a credit to the school, demonstrating respect, kindness and determination throughout the day. Well done!

Wednesday 4th December 2018 - Year 5/6 Basketball league (Finals Week)


An enthusiastic, determined and slightly nervous Year 5/6 basketball team made VPPS history finishing joint third in the Ashton Park Sports Partnership tournament. Previously undefeated, the team of Layla, Roxy, Abraham, Crishawn, Arnold, Harry, Ziggy, Jacob and Malakai won their first 3 games in a row only losing in the final game. There followed a nail biting shoot out (which they won in a tense sudden death finale) for a place in the semi final. Unfortunately they conceded 1 hoop resulting in third place overall. We are so so proud of the whole team. Also a huge thank you to all the parents for helping with lifts and coming to support the team. Well done everyone.


Wednesday 28th November 2019 - 5/6 Basketball league (Week 2)


I am pleased to announce that the VPPS year 5/6 basketball team are still unbeaten. VPPS has now gone 3 weeks, playing 12 games in total unbeaten. We are so proud of the whole team but we would like to mention a couple of special performances. The resilient Malakai Davis who has worked his socks off every game so far managed to get his first hoop and it was worth waiting for. Also Arnold once again turning heads with his long distance pot shots that seemed to always go in. Let’s hope that the unbeaten run continues into next week where we hope to complete in the finials. Well done VPPS and as always thank you to all the parents who helped with lifts and came along to support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Wednesday 14th November - Year 5/6 Basketball League


On Thursday VPPS basketball team continued their unbeaten record with an outstanding 4 wins and 1 draw. A newly recruited Jacob showed his amazing dribbling, shooting and defending skills, while Malakai's confidence and skills increased in every match. Sharp shooting Layla used her netball skills to score a hat trick of hoops while Chrishawn continued to dominate in both attack and defence. The whole team are being rested next week in preparation for their final games on the 28th November when,  we hope, to progress to the final on the 5th December. Watch this space.


Thursday 18th October 2018 - Year 5/6 Swimming Gala


On the 18th of October, we took part in this year's Ashton Park Sports Partnership swimming gala at Hengrove Leisure Centre. The whole day was a fantastic occasion for all who competed. Eli Roy played a key role in the winning relay team and Taylor- Lou Betty put her all into every race. A huge thank you to all parents that helped out and came to support our athletes in the viewing gallery. Well done VPPS - onwards and upwards!

Monday 8th October 2018 - 5/6 Tag Rugby League (Week 3)


The third and final week of the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby league arrived and Team VPPS approached their matches with confidence. This week proved harder for the team, who had to dig deep and demonstrate lots of determination. After two tough opening games against St Peters and Christchurch the team flew out the traps with two brilliant victories against our CST friends from Cathedral Primary. A huge well done to all the players who took part over the three weeks. They can be proud of their efforts, attitude and achievements and have represented Vicky Park superbly. Finally, an extra special thank you to all the parents who came to show their support from the touch line. Well done!!



Monday 1st October 2018 - 5/6 Tag Rugby League (Week 2)


Team VPPS headed back to Broadplain for a victorious second week in the Tag Rugby league. The team began with some quick fire passing and moving warm ups to get them ready for 4 tough matches. They showed a tremendous attitude and this was demonstrated on the pitch with a fantastic 5-1 victory against Perry Court, followed by a thumping 7-2 win, a 5-5 draw and a narrow defeat in their final match. All the players can be very proud of their effort, teamwork and growth mindsets. Congratulations!

Monday 24th September 2018 - 5/6 Tag Rugby League


Team VPPS headed to Broadplain Rugby club for the first week of the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby League. The team were in good spirits and following an intense warm up and some passing practice, they took part in 4 matches. Following a tough start in their first two matches against Greenfield and Perry Court, the team picked up two brilliant and entertaining results against Ilminster Avenue and Parson Street. There were some tremendous stand out performances from the tough-tackling Chrishawn and the ever-running Isabelle. Overall a great first week. Go VPPS!!

Congratulations to our Year 3/4 boys Cross Country team on their silver medal!!

Congratulations to our Year 3/4 boys Cross Country team on their silver medal!! 1

Cross Country - Wednesday 19th September


On Wednesday some of our students took part in a 1100m cross county race.

We took a team of year 4 girls, year 4 boys, year 5 boys and year 6 boys. Everyone that raced ran  incredibly well and did us all proud. Some shout outs to our whole year 4 boys team who placed 2nd as a team collecting silver and Felix from the year 4 team who placed 3rd out of over 80 competitors, collecting an individual bronze medal. Also Ziggy- who as a year 6 took it upon himself to give the younger year 4s some tactics before they raced. A huge thank you to all the parents who gave up their spare time on Wednesday to help with lifts and supporting our runners, we couldn’t do it without you. Well done team VPPS.

Girls Tag Rugby - Friday 14th September 2018


Well done to all the girls at VPPS who took part in the girls’ tag rugby tournament on Friday 14th September. Despite the cold and wet conditions, the team did not fail to ignite the pitch with hard work and determination. Star performances came from the brutal Brooke - who took no prisoners when it came to tagging - and also Milla who gave the spectators something to clap with her invading runs towards the opposing try line. Overall, a great display from everyone who played - you’ve done VPPS proud. Well done!

VPPS Sporting Year 2018-2019

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