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For the rest of this week, our literacy learning is going to focus around a short story from The Book of Hopes, this book has over 100 different short stories, poems, essays and pictures written by different authors. We are going to be reading the story ‘The Creature in the Cave’ by Jenny McLachlan. To find this click on this link: and scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says ‘Read the book’, then use the arrows to find the contents page and the story we are reading is listed on page VIII, find the title ‘The Creature in the Cave’ and click on it and that will take you to the correct page.


First you need to read the story and then, using descriptive language you need to write three sentences that describe a beach, and then another 3 to describe a cave. What type of beach is it, sandy or rocky? What is the weather like? Are the waves rough or calm? What does it look like inside the cave? Think about using different senses to upscale your writing for example, what can you hear? What can you see? What can you smell?


Challenge: Can you summarise the story in less than 15 words? If you can do that, try in under 10 words.


After that, ‘The Creature in the Cave’ does not have a front cover so you need to create one. What could you include on the front cover to grab the readers attention.


This week, there is a bit of a change again.


Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped providing maths sheets for free so this week you have two options for maths practice. We have used some of the White Rose ideas to make the activities. If you manage to do both then great! The 2 options are linked this week.


1. Continue following the daily lessons on Bitesize


2. Follow the lessons below.