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Today you will be finding out how Oliver’s story end, listen to Chapter 11 first before completing the activity set for today. If you have missed any of the chapters, they can be found here:

Just copy and paste the link into your browsers.


Refer back to the Role on the Wall made in the first week, in a different colour write what we have learnt about him by the end of the story. If you do not have this, you will need to create a new one (the template will be attached below or draw the outline of a body). Remember that on the inside of the body you write what you found out about Oliver throughout the story and on the outside write how you know.


Then answer these questions:

  • How did Oliver feel about being in Deepwater Bay at the start of the story? How does he feel now he has returned?
  • Why are Mr and Mrs Crisp described as being meek at the start of the final chapter? First you will need to find out what ‘meek’ means!
  • Why does Oliver not believe it when they say they will be doing no more exploring?


Challenge questions:

  • What do the authors mean when they say ‘They [Mr and Mrs Crisp] both knew how sweet and sad it can be to want two different things so completely.’?
  • What are the two things that Oliver has realised that he wants?



This week, you have three options. 

1. Follow the bitesize maths. Please note that you have to scroll down quite a long way to get to the worksheets. Ask your parents to help you decide which parts you need to do. Click this link:


2. Follow the White Rose maths. You can watch the video and do the worksheets.


3. A bit more grid method practise for mastery.