Welcome to our school website - please come in and take a look around. Do you know our six school values? They are co-operation, respect, determination, gratitude, honesty and kindness.

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The story also says that kindness can be helping. When have you helped out just to be kind?

When have people helped you to be kind?

Is it always kind to help?


For today, write about helping. Remember a time when you have helped somebody to show kindness or when someone has been kind to you. You could take it further and write your own story about a character helping out to be kind. We would love to read and share those!


Remember, a minimum of 4 high quality sentences is the expectation but remember we love to read your best work so more is very welcome.


Have you remembered your times tables today??


As usual, here is the link for bitesize:


The rest of us will be comparing fractions today.