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This week there are still 2 options.


1. Continue working on the Bitesize work here:


2. This week, we are going to take a look at fractions. We will mostly follow White Rose for this but there will also be a daily open-ended challenge for those people who need something extra.


Here is the link to the video for you watch before answering the questions. 


Extra Challenge


Read Stronger Than Magic on your own or with a helper if you prefer. You could also watch Polly read it again if you like. Cerrie Burnell says that having HOPE is stronger than magic. Do you agree?

She then says that lots of stories that we know and love are inspired by hope. In the piece, she describes four different stories where hope is an important idea. However, she doesn't say the name! Can you work out which stories she means? Email us the names of the stories and we'll announce them on here at the end of the week.


Today we are going to look at a fairy tale setting and describe how the character is feeling. There is a picture to help you below, but you can of course imagine your own setting and character!

Things to think about:

  • What is happening around the character?
  • How does the character feel at this point?


Things to write:

  • Describe the place using adjectives.
  • Describe how the character feels. Don't forget to show how they feel as well as tell. This is really helpful for your readers.


Mr Irwin has had a go below so please watch to get started. Remember to use all the senses when you are describing the setting and how the character is feeling.


Send us pictures, recordings or videos of what you come up with. Can't wait!

Setting and Character