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Today we are going to start reading Oliver and the Seawigs and then think about how Oliver may have been feeling at the beginning of the story. Once you have listened to the first chapter you need to print out an outline of a body (or draw an outline) and on the inside write what we found out about Oliver and on the outside write how you know. You may need to listen to the first chapter again and pause it to write about Oliver. Leave room to add more information as we find out more about Oliver as we read the book. Keep this safe because we need it in week 3!


Extra challenge: Can you use a sentence of three for description about Oliver?

A sentence of three includes 3 pieces of description. Here’s an examples: The waves roared loudly, were the size of a house and were topped with wisps of white foam.


There is an example of what you could write about Oliver below to give you some ideas.