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Times Tables

Let's get quicker at our 4 x table!

We've been chanting them at school so make sure you're having a go at home.

2 4s are 8......3 4s are 12......4 4s are 16.....


Here are some ideas that you could use to practise:

- Practise your 4x table (multiplication and division facts) using Hit the Button:

- If you have a pack of cards at home you could play a game with a partner. Place the cards face down when you turn over a card, how quickly can you multiply the answer by 4? (Jack = 10, Queen = 11 and King = 12)


- If you'd rather get creative, you could make your own 4 x table cards (with matching answer cards). You could then play a game of pairs by placing all of them face down!


- You could copy or create a times table grid like the one below to practise your 3, 4 and 5 times table. How quickly can you fill it?