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Today we are going to imagine that we are back in our classrooms all sat in a big circle telling each other stories, like the Crisps and Iris were at the end of Oliver and the Seawigs.

You need to plan your very own adventure story opening that you would tell the rest of the class about.

You will need to think about:

  • Where could your adventure take place? Could it be in a forest, in the sea, in a jungle
  • Who is your main character? What do they look like?
  • What danger is there in your adventure? 

Remember you need to be descriptive, think about your vocabulary choices to paint a picture in your readers mind.

There will be a worksheet below for you to print out, or you could just draw the boxes. Choose the sheet you think will be best for you, if you have lots of ideas you may benefit from using the sheet with lots of lines.

In the first box, you will need to introduce your main character. In the second box, describe where your story takes place. In the third box, describe the adventure your character is about to go on.

Challenge: write the story opening! Remember when you use a plan you need to build upon your ideas in the actual story, adding lots more detail to make it more exciting for your reader.

This week, you have three options. 

1. Follow the bitesize maths. Please note that you have to scroll down quite a long way to get to the worksheets. Ask your parents to help you decide which parts you need to do. Click this link:


2. Follow the White Rose maths. You can watch the video and do the worksheets.


3. Today you could try doing some more grid method...but today, it's even harder!

Lesson boards to help you learn it!