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We hope you enjoyed Taking Flight yesterday and after looking at some of the pieces of work you sent in your descriptions were excellent! We loved to see that lots of you were challenging yourself and using very descriptive vocabulary and similes so, well done! Today we are going to take inspiration from Taking Flight and plan our own adventure stories. Your adventure can take place anywhere, it could be in a forest, in a castle, in the sea, anywhere! Whilst your character is on their adventure there is a problem! An example of a problem could be that they are out at sea in a tiny, wooden boat and they discover a hole in the side so water starts flooding in rapidly! 

For the plan there are two options, you can either use the plan with sentence stems on or, if you're feeling up for a challenge, use the blank version. We would expect your plans to be detailed with lots of descriptive language to make your stories even more exciting and interesting to read.

We have added on two word mats so that you could upscale your vocabulary choices to improve your writing. For example, instead of writing 'sad' choose another word from the feelings word mat that means the same thing!


Once you have planned your story we would like you to design and create the front cover for your story to show readers what it is going to be about. A front cover needs to make readers excited to start reading the book, they usually have detailed illustrations and lots of bright colours to catch people's eyes!

Guided Reading

For guided reading today first you need to read the text about George Stephenson's Rocket and then answer a series of questions from the worksheet below.


 For today we are going to be focusing on our 5 times table. First you need to watch the video where there will be lots of different questions for you to answer so, make sure you pause the video when needed! Remember you can rewind and rewatch the video as many times as possible as well.


Once you have watched the video, as many times as you need, complete the worksheet below. 




This term our Jigsaw focus is on dreams and goals and this week the focus is around success. Before you get started it might be a good idea to have a think about what you think success is and what success may look like because there are lots of different ways! Below you will find a series of slides to work through, you will need a pencil and paper to write down your answers to questions. Once you have gone through the slides there is a treasure chest worksheet for you to complete. If you do not have access to a printer, just writing the sentences on plain paper is absolutely fine! 


We would like you to email us your worksheet/ sentences from today's Jigsaw, we are looking forward to reading about your successes and things you are proud of.