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Thursday 1st April 2021

Congratulations on another exciting and successful term at Victoria Park Primary School! This week's newsletter contains an important reminder about how to notify us of positive COVID cases over the Easter break, as well as information about Easter activities and support.

COVID over Easter

Please remember to let us know of any positive COVID cases over the Easter break using the out-of-hours email address:

The following information has been provided by the Department for Education:

We ask that staff, students, parents and carers inform school of a positive case if either symptoms or a positive home LFD test occurred within 2 days of them being at their education setting. Where this is the case, schools are asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in the education setting.
Where symptoms or a positive home LFD test occurred more than 2 days since the person was last at their education setting, this does not need to be reported to school and contact tracing by the education setting is not required. Where this is the case, staff, students, parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.
Staff responsible for contact tracing are not asked to be on-call at all times and may designate a limited period in the day to receive notification of positive cases and advise close contacts to self-isolate (this can be done by text or email).

Rapid LFD Testing for Adults

As a parent or carer of a child attending school, you have access to COVID testing kits for your personal use. These are the same testing kits which school staff are using twice a week. This is not compulsory, but we would strongly advise you to take part. Although primary school children are not currently being tested, so this does not guarantee identification of child cases, it may assist in picking up where infection exists within a household which will then support reduced asymptomatic attendance in school settings. The link to the information and where to access the kits from can be found here:

Playing Safely at the Park

It has been brought to our attention by members of our community that there is some dangerous and rough play taking place at Victoria Park. Some children are playing a game called "King of the Hill" in which they physically tackle and push each other off the hump around the slide. Despite the current COVID rules - in which physical contact is not permitted - this behaviour leads to injuries and creates an intimidating atmosphere for younger children. This week, Mr Bailey has made it clear to pupils that this behaviour does not reflect our school values, and can damage our school's reputation. More importantly, we cannot accept play which involves hurting others (whether in or out of school time). Please support us by talking to your children about this, and closely monitoring what they are doing when using the local park.

Parents' Evenings - Save the Date!

Please note down in your calendars and diaries that we will be holding Parents' Evenings via video call appointments on Tuesday 11th May and Thursday 13th May. More details of how to book an appointment will follow after the Easter break.

Local Wildlife News

My Wild Bedminster is our local community wildlife group for BS3. They would love new people to join and share their wildlife sightings and pictures from our local area. They send out a monthly email newsletter with local wildlife reports and they also have wildlife equipment to lend out to members - butterfly nets, trail cameras and a moth trap. This month, you can help them with the following:
Flowers for Victoria Park
A request from Barney who is VPAG’s Community Garden Leader:   ‘Our volunteer gardeners on the Community Flower Bed opposite the play area would be glad of donated plants and paving slabs.    Please leave them on the path at the back of the bed, label them if they are not obvious or bring them on a Thursday afternoon between 2.30 and 4pm.     Phone Barney on 07929 727 259 for more information.’

Both BS3 and BS4 Wildlife Groups have Facebook pages: and

Their Instagram:

Easter Fairytrails Challenge

This Easter break, The Wild of the Words have created another of their fantastic Fairytrails to help children and adults connect with outside spaces and think creatively. You can find more information about Fairytrails by visiting the website:

Click below to view the resource sheet for the Easter trail.

Air Quality

Please watch this video which highlights the importance of switching off your car engine if you are parked.

The Invisible made Visible - Short anti-idling/pollution film

Mental Health Support

Changes Bristol are are a peer-led, free-to-access mental health charity providing various support services through Bristol and online. Many people are struggling with their mental health and so they provide a free, non-judgmental space for people to be supported and to support others in turn. There are no waiting lists and attendees do not require a diagnosis. Mental health services are seriously overstretched at the moment, yet Changes Bristol are able to continue providing an open service. Their groups are running at these locations currently, with more to open soon:

  • Mon 1-3pm    Ashton Vale Community Centre, BS3 2QY
  • Tues 3-5pm    Withywood Centre, Bishopsworth, BS13 8QA
  • Weds 1.30-3.30pm    Redcatch Community Centre, Knowle, BS4 2EP
  • Weds 7-9pm    West St URC, 48 Stanley St S, Bedminster, BS3 3PG
  • Thurs 1-3pm    St Cuthbert’s Church, Brislington, BS4 3PG 
  • Fri 3-5pm    Unitarian Church, Brunswick Square, St Paul's, Bristol BS2 8PE

Do look on their website ( for other services on offer such as the online groups and befriending schemes.

Families in Focus

You may be interested to see below the latest Families in Focus city-wide bulletin for families, which contains a wealth of information, support services and activities.

We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable break from school. The first day back for children is Monday 19th April 2021.